Week 13: Oklahoma State

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Since this is the intro song for OSU, I thought I might play it to show off how awesome it is. And by awesome I mean embarrassing. Welcome to the final week of the regular season. I hope that you had a great Thanksgiving yesterday, and enjoyed the great football this weekend as well. I also hope that several of you have been up since 5am and taking advantage of the door-busters at your local shopping centers. (Just a reminder, there are only 28 days left until Christmas. 35 until New Years). This season has been a long journey, and I am sure that many of you wish that it would be over already. But alas, we must finish off Ok-State tomorrow and maintain our home win streak.

Since it is the final game of the season, I would like to take a moment and reflect on some of the pre-season predictions that I made in the week 1 post. I posted my predictions, as well as my thoughts how they turned out. So here we go:

1. Jimmy Stevens will win the texas game Vinatieri-style & the Lou Groza Award

Little Jimmy had his chances in the texas game, but missed. Had he made it, he would have at least had a chance at the end of regulation or possibly overtime to win the game. He is nowhere close to winning the Lou Groza. The only positive from his downfall has been the emergence of Patrick O’Hara.

2. Sam Bradford will sing alongside Bono at the U2 concert in Norman

Bradford didn’t even finish the game against texas. Instead of joining U2 on stage, he was in Alabama preparing for surgery. While he might not perform after a victory, there is still a chance he could make an appearance at the Trans-Siberian Orchestra or 3OH!3 concerts in December.

3. Texas will use another mode of transportation to whine about something

Now the season is still not over, yet. I predicted they would use a boat, which is still in the realm of possibilities. Here is how it could happen: Nebraska could beat texas next Saturday for the Big XII title. A Nebraska win would automatically send the Huskers to the Fiesta Bowl. A texas loss would result in Cincinnati or TCU playing the winner of the SEC title game. Texas, having 1 loss, would say that they deserve to play Florida/Alabama because their schedule is harder than Cincinnati or TCU. They would also say that not every conference has to play a conference title game. Texas would also reference the 2003 OU team who lost to K-State, but still played for the BCS title. Where the boat comes into play is the tricky part. It would be difficult to use one in land-locked Nebraska. One could be used in Fort Worth along the Trinity River, which happens to be located only a couple miles from the TCU campus, and run through the heart of Fort Worth.

Now about the game that we call Bedlam. I would like to take you back to 2002. If you remember correctly, we visited Stillwater, with BCS aspirations, since we only had 1 loss (to Texas A&M, 30-26). We came into Stillwater, and got man-handled by a Les Miles-coached team, and lost 38-28. That loss ended any hopes OU had at playing for the title game, and we ended up beating Washington State in the Rose Bowl. Now let’s talk present-day. OSU is ranked #12 and has hopes of making a BCS bowl (the first in their history). They too will be playing on the road and against an underdog team, with hopes of spoiling their post-season dreams. This is basically OU’s chance for payback from 2002. It’s not very often that we play a ranked OSU squad, while we are unranked. We also must protect the home win streak. We have not lost at home since September 3, 2005. That’s 29 straight games. The longest streak in the country. With that, I say we go out there and get our 80th victory in the Bedlam Series and 30th straight victory at home.

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Week 12: Texas Tech

(click here for good ol’ Texas country)

Well, if you’re going, you might not be in Amarillo by morning. But Lubbock is close enough. I mean, once you get west of Ft. Worth, it’s just one big sandbox. You might encounter some crazy dust storms and/or tumbleweeds. If you’re visiting Lubbock for the first time, I hope that you’re prepared. There isn’t much to Lubbock, besides being the hometown of Buddy Holly. Tech fans were just rated as the rudest fans in the Big XII by a Sports Illustrated poll. They’ve been known to throw tortillas in celebration, so if you’re close to the student section, you might want to bring along a can of refried beans or shredded cheese. Also watch out for the bell ringer.

To be honest, there really isn’t too much to say about Texas Tech this year. They’re missing Michael Crabtree, who dreamed this up last year… in his head. They’re also without quarterback Graham Harrell, who has moved on to the CFL.

But alas, Mike Leach is still around. The old pirate. Appearantly he has his parking spot marked on the Tech campus as well. Leach is a talented person (and former Sooner coach). He can do the weather, give out dating tips and do some comedy.

On to the Sooners… and the new Pro Combat uniforms that will be used tomorrow. These are a modern throwback, and a tribute to the 1955 National Title team. Just so you know, OU was one of 10 schools chosen by Nike to wear the uniforms. Some of you might be wondering why we wear them for an away game and for Texas Tech. Here is the reason why — The 10 schools will all be playing an adidas or Under Armour sponsored team for these games. The majority of these games are also between rivals (such as Ohio State/Michigan, Texas/Texas A&M, Missouri/Kansas, etc..). Here is a sneak-peek at the remaining uniforms that have yet to be unveiled – LSU, Florida, texas, Mizzou. The new uniforms appear to be pretty spiffy, but Bob Stoops isn’t too sure about the whole thing.

If you just watched the video clip, you would have heard Coach Stoops talk about our new kicker, Patrick O’Hara. If you were still around at the end of last Saturday’s game, you saw him play in his first game. No, not first college game. It was the first time he played in any game of football. He sent this recruiting video to OU last summer, where he hit a 65 yard field goal, and the rest was history.

With that, I will conclude this week’s update. Be sure to watch the Sooners and Red Raiders at 11:30am tomorrow on FSN (Channel 37 for those in Norman). I wish you all a Happy Thanksgiving and will be back next Friday for Bedlam.

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Week 11: Texas A&M

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With that, I think I sum up everyone’s feelings at this point in the college football season. Throughout this week’s report, there is a theme to all of the music (outside of everyone’s favorite A&M songs/videos). If you can figure out the theme, you might just win a prize. But don’t think you’ve got it figured out too quickly, because it won’t be that easy (here’s a little help!… we’re looking for a 2-word answer – 14 total letters). Moving on now… this week the University of Oklahoma Sooners will be playing their final night game of the season, against the Texas Agricultural & Mechanical University Aggies. We will discuss all things Aggie later on, so sit back, relax, and act naturally.

With last week’s loss at Nebraska, all I could say was obladi, oblada, life goes on. I think we all need to come together for these last few games and support whoever is playing for our injury-decimated team. I cannot recall an OU team that has ever gone through this many injuries to key players. Besides that, there have been too many mistakes, and you can’t do that and expect to win close games. For your information, it was also the first time that a Stoops team failed to score a touchdown… just after I thought the offense was getting better.

(click here to experience the Fightin’… Texas… Aggie… Band)

AAAAA… A… A… A… A… A… WHOOP! You are now listening to the horrendous sounds of the most over-hyped college band in the nation. OK, so they’re good at what they do, but I think I could teach anyone to go in a straight line and turn around. (Off the record, I will say it looks cool seeing it from the upper deck). But let’s talk football shall we? The Aggies have not defeated the Sooners since the 2002 season, and I am wishing that the streak continues. Texas A&M has a couple good offensive players in Jeff Fuller and Cyrus Gray, however, that should not pose much of a threat. If we are victorious, then we would become bowl eligible. If that happens, I might just twist and shout! The only thing that stands in our way is our injuries to some key players. We will be fixing a hole, again, on the offensive line. We lost both Brody Eldridge and Jarvis Jones for the rest of the season. We will also be without Auston English. With a little help from my friends: Tavaris Jeffries, Cory Brandon, and Frank Alexander – both lines should get the job done. In fact, with the anger from last week’s loss, and the home crowd, I wouldn’t be surprised if we runaway with this one.

Do you want to know a secret? Do you promise not to tell? No, I’m not in love with you. But the secret is out – OU will be wearing new uniforms next week for the game at Texas Tech. We will get back to this topic more next week, but here is a sneak-peek (yes, I’ve seen the whole thing and have pictures, but you only get this for now).

So, enjoy the game tomorrow. Stand up and cheer. And whatever the outcome, let it be.

PS – Don’t forget to go to the men’s basketball game tomorrow at 1:00pm. You will see a new version of this, as well as Willie, Tiny, and TMG – Our 3 McDonald’s All-Americans. Oh, and good luck trying to figure out the theme of the music.

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Week 10: Nebraska

(click here for the experience of your life)

Hello again, and welcome to week #10 of Sooner football. This week the Sooners travel to Lincoln, Nebraska, where they take on the Huskers. This used to the be rivalry of all rivalries (besides OU-texas) until the Big 8 turned into the Big 12. For those who are traveling to the land of corn, you will blend in with the Sea of Red, which might be one of the coolest things to witness in college football (that’s not related to OU football).

As a refresher, we played the Huskers in Norman last year, with this outcome. We all know the history of the rivalry, one that is built on respect between both schools and is usually remembered for this event. That would be the Game of the Century that took place in 1971, between #1 Nebraska and #2 Oklahoma. However, since the Big 12 began in 1996, one individual tried to ruin it for everyone, until someone who actually understood the rivalry returned for the 2008 season. We all remember Bill Callahan, with his name-calling of Sooner fans and throat-slashing antics. Bo Pelini has since returned, and is someone who has coached at both Nebraska and Oklahoma.

Tomorrow, we will have a little bit of luck/good fortune on our side. For starters, we have found a wide receiver, one who can catch AND run. That would be Dejuan Miller, the Metuchen, New Jersey native (where my Jersey people at?). We all know we struggled last week with the fast/shifty  Brandon Banks of the Kansas State Wildcats. Luckily, Nebraska will be without their fast/shifty freshman running back, who has an injured foot (and who happens to be from the great city of Plano, Texas). Rex Burkhead starred at Plano Senior High for all 4 years, which had not been done before. He also played on the varsity basketball team for those 4 years as well, winning a state title in 2006. Rumor has it, he was asked to prom by a senior during his freshman year, but that has not been confirmed. However, we were not lucky enough to escape Ndamukong Suh (who has his own song too).

Now, we all love OU football, but there happens to be a big game taking place down in Tuscaloosa, Alabama. Before we discuss that, watch this first… (notice Mike the Tiger marching with TGBFTL)

Unfortunately this will not be another saturday night in Death Valley, as the #3 Alabama Crimson Tide will host the #9 Louisiana State University Tigers. If LSU happens to pull off the upset, then all sorts of scenarios could occur in the SEC. For instance, if LSU wins out, they will play Florida in the SEC championship. If LSU won that match, then LSU, Florida, and Alabama would all have 1 loss, however, LSU would have beaten both schools (although Florida beat LSU earlier in the season). So if you like controversy, this could be the game for you. And don’t worry, it’s on at 2:30, so you won’t miss any part of the OU game (unless you’re traveling). A word of advice – if you are watching the LSU-Alabama game, I would suggest some maque choux, boudin, and andouille – they are all fine cuisines. And of course, be sure to use some Tony Chachere’s.

That is all for this week. Enjoy both games. Get ready for next week, where we will see the Fightin’… Texas…. Aggie… Band… (AAAAA… A  A  A  A  A… WHOOP!)

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Week 9: Kansas State

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Hello and welcome to the last week of October. This might be the best time of year, for a few reasons: Football season is in full-swing, the World Series is under way, and Halloween. Plus the weather is pretty nice now too. This week, we not only welcome the Kansas State Wildcats to Norman, but also the OU Alumni, as it is Homecoming. But let us talk a little bit about K-State.

Kansas State is located in Manhattan, KS, also known as “The Little Apple”. Here is a look at the beautiful downtown Manhattan skyline. For those that attended the game last year, you remember the awesome gameday atmosphere. K-State is coached again by Bill Snyder. Most of you know, but some may not know, that Bob Stoops was once an apprentice of Snyder’s as KSU assistant. One famous alum is Earl Woods, the father of Eldrick Tont “Tiger” Woods. The elder Woods was born and raised in Manhattan and attended K-State on a baseball scholarship. The last time we played the Wildcats in Norman, was during the 2005 season. If you were there, then you remember that this happened (if you know, you’ll get it… just think for a second).

Tomorrow is the official start to the Landry Jones Era. You know what that means. It’s time to bring back the mustaches. What better timing, than to have him come back the day before No-Shave November starts? So I got to thinking, what if Landry Jones plays 3 more years at OU? But here’s a twist… what if instead of keeping his mustache, he grew a beard. But not just any beard, a ZZ Top beard, coz every girl’s crazy ’bout a sharp dressed man. Take a look for yourself and see what he would look like in uniform with a beard. So for those of you who are current students, do what you can to convince him to grow out the full beard for the rest of his OU career.

With it being Halloween, I thought I would add in something fun for everyone. After scouring the OU roster, I found a few players and matched them up with their Halloween costumes. I also added 2 other notable players to the mix. So without further ado, here they are:

Tim Tebow

Colt McCoy

Landry Jones

Jimmy Stevens

Gerald McCoy

Matt Clapp

And though you fight to stay alive, your body starts to shiver.

For no mere mortal can resist, the evil of the thriller.

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Week 8: Kansas

(click here for music)

You can hate me now, but hate is a pretty strong word. I apologize for not posting a pre-game report, but I am taking the time to write a post-game report. The reason for the delay, is due to technical error (my iMac was being repaired, and my laptop was also in the shop with a few problems). I could have tried to post using my iPhone, but that would be difficult loading pictures and video. But alas, let us review yesterday’s game.

From the first play of the game (kick-off coverage was great but I’m talking about the first defensive play) we set the tone. My cousin’s wife’s cousin (Todd Reesing) threw the first of three interceptions. Part of this might be due to his odd pre-game rituals. I can only imagine what Coach Mangino said to him after the game, considering he says this to a guy who scored a touchdown.

Towards the end of the game, Adron Tennell did his best Malcolm Kelly impression, and finally caught his 2nd touchdown of the season. Some might say that he has his swagger, or like the kids say today, “swag” back. While some might say he got it back through his play, I think he got it back by listing to this chart toppin’ hit that came out yesterday.

Due to the lack of information and tidbits in this weeks installment, you can rest assured that next week will be filled with plenty o’ stuff. Next week is Kansas State at Owen Field for Homecoming/Halloween. Until then, I leave you with this.

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Week 7: Texas

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Welcome to my city – Big D… D-Town… the 214 – Dallas, Texas. Tomorrow we will be playing the #3 Texas Longhorns at the Cotton Bowl, in the middle of the State Fair of Texas. But before we discuss tomorrow’s opponent, lets talk about Fair Park and the Cotton Bowl for a bit.

Fair Park is located on the south-side, off of MLK Boulevard. It’s the place to be on Friday night, or really any night, as there’s always something going on (usually on the corner). While you’re there, be sure to check out the theater on the corner of MLK and Malcolm X. For those that don’t know, this is where a young Vanilla Ice got his start in his illustrious career. You might also see someone do the D-Town Boogie.

The Cotton Bowl has been the centerpiece of the fair, since it opened in 1930. It eventually became known as the “House That Doak Built”. due to the large crowds that showed up to watch the great SMU running back. The Cotton Bowl has seen several games, players, and incidents that make up its unique history. One incident includes the famous “bench tackle” in the 1954 game between Alabama and Rice (yes, Rice). But the greatest event at the Cotton Bowl takes place every October – The Red River Rivalry (Shootout, but it’s not politically correct to say “shootout” because it sounds too violent). For that, I direct you to the next section.

(click here for music)

Yes indeed, that is the legendary James J. Braddock (technically it’s Russell Crowe) — The Pride of the Irish, the Pride of New Jersey, the Bulldog of BergenCinderella Man. For those who are unfamiliar with Braddock’s story, it is one that can parallel the Sooner team this fall. Don’t believe me?… take a look for yourself.

Both Braddock and the OU football team have their struggles. Injuries and setbacks have been a common bond between the two. Braddock suffered from injuries to his right hand, due to his fights, that would hold him back from getting a job. He was known for having a strong right hand that packed a powerful punch. The Sooners have suffered injuries this year, more specifically, to Sam Bradford’s right shoulder, which is responsible for throwing a great ball. Thus, both lose out — Braddock on money to support his family, OU on wins. But they have both been given a chance to change their misfortune.

One June 13, 1935, James Braddock took on Max Baer for the World Heavyweight Title at Madison Square Garden (arguably the greatest sports venue in the world, or at least for that time and that sport). Braddock was chosen by Baer’s people, because they thought it would be an easy victory and a chance to retain the title. Braddock went into the fight as a 10-1 underdog, and as the story goes, came out on top with a huge payday.

On October 17, 2009, the Sooners will take on the Longhorns for the Golden Hat (and driver’s seat in the Big XII South) at the Cotton Bowl (one of the most historic venues for college football). The Longhorns look forward to this matchup, because they believe it will be an easy win, and they can coast for the rest of the season until they play in Pasadena.

History will be made Saturday. The #20 team will upset #3. The Heisman trophy favorite will drop – as the Panther of Putnam, the Chief of Cherokee, the Pride of the Sooners – will return to glory.

I have to believe that when things are bad I can change them.” – James J. Braddock

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